Movies That Everyone Should See: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

It makes you happy just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

How could it not?

The movie is the living embodiment of youth. It’s bounding with enthusiasm, energy, optimism, individualism, exuberance… The world of Ferris Bueller is one of infinite possibilities.

And each one of them is cooler than the last

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Movies That Everyone Should See: “The Breakfast Club”

I woke up this morning, and what did I see?

“The Breakfast Club” was on my TV.

                                                     – Fogs

I promise, I won’t expose you to my poetry often, it’s just that sometimes I have something really insightful that I feel will benefit or illuminate everyone, as in the case above.

True story though, pulled up the tv tray, pouring me some cereal and there it was. “The Breakfast Club”. On a premium channel no less, so no commercials. Are you gonna NOT switch to that?? Of course you’re gonna. Plus – I’m eating breakfast, how ironic! So I’m watching it, it’s a little way in, and I guess my newfound perspective as a blogger has me watching it a little more closely than usual.

And you know what? It’s great. I mean, that movie is just great. So so awesome. I felt like I was watching it with fresh eyes, and the greatness of it really just struck me hard.

I know, I know. NEWSFLASH! Right? But, you know, there are people out there who haven’t seen these things, folks! I spent a lot of time this weekend checking out other people’s blogs and… it’s a younger generation out there. There was one kid who said “Jaws” was boring. Man, these movies are getting OLD now. We have to protect these flicks, keep them alive, in the discussion. That’s up to us!

So. Seeing as I was looking for excuses to write-up older movies anyways, I decided I would write this series about Movies That Everyone Should See. If you want to call yourself a film fan, and you haven’t seen one of these flicks, my opinion of you loses points. If you’re a casual viewer and you haven’t watched them, what the hell are you waiting for. These will be the no brainer, mortal lock, absolute shoo-in, first ballot hall of fame type movies that there’s absolutely no excuse for not having seen.

Let’s start here. The Breakfast Club.

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