Hotel Transylvania

In the dark of the theatre,
Barely anyone there,
Warm smell of my popcorn
Rising up through the air…

Up ahead on the big screen
I watched the shimmering lights
The art was iffy and the humor, dim.
I had to put up a fight!

There he was doing voices,
Adam Sandler as Drac
And I was thinking to myself,
“Can I get my money back?”

He was joined in by Samberg
Who also got in the way
Then the voices of their friends showed up!
Which leads me to say…

I sat through the “Hotel Transylvania”!
Such an average film.
Such an average film…
I can’t recommend you the “Hotel Transylvania”!
If you’re movie bound
There’s better things around!

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The 2012 Fall Movie Preview – Part I

With this weekend’s release of “The Expendables 2” and “ParaNorman”, the summer movie season is pretty much over. One weekend remains in August, and those movies wont have much room to run before school is back in session.

Nope, the season of the big blockbuster is behind us. It’s time to look ahead to the fall.

Not to despair, though, the fall brings sharp movies for the thinking movie fan. Movies which may have more selective box office appeal, but which may be some of the best movies all year.

So click through to take a look at the first part of this year’s fall preview. Today we’ll look at the last week of August, plus September, and then we’ll come back tomorrow with October and the first week of November. Together they’ll take us right up to the start of the Holiday movie season, and the November 9th release of Skyfall!

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Movies That Everyone Should See: “Big”

I was in the middle of trying to think of some lighter fare for this week’s MTESS, when I came across “Big” on the Digital Cable Guide. It was a stroke of luck.

“Big” is a lighthearted comedy about a boy who magically gets turned into a grown-up. It’s very lighthearted – easily digestible, if you will. Yet, just below the surface is a movie that effortlessly reminds us about the difficulties of the maturation process, the benefits and drawbacks of “maturity” and ruminates about exactly what “growing up” should mean.

It’s a movie that for some will be all too easy to dismiss… but I think that would be unfortunate. This is a joyful, fun movie with a lot to say.

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