New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

A happy Wednesday “what’s up?”, people!

Here’s your weekly (title pending), delivered to you via cyberspace!

Up this week, the Tank and I have three movies to review for you! “V/H/S”, this year’s Sundance hit, available for you to view now on VOD before it hits theatres, “Lawless”, the Shia LaBeouf / Tom Hardy prohibition-era moonshine crime drama, and “The Possession”, the demonic possession movie about a little girl who unwittingly purchases a Dybbuk box at a tag sale and releases the evil spirit within.

Then we launch into our Fall Movie Preview, where we discuss all of the movies coming out in wide release for this September and October! It’s a full slate of films, with a wide variety of movies to discuss, both good and bad. Have a listen, and we’ll get you ready for all of them!

Throw in the Box Office Round Up and Has Tank Seen Apocalypse Now, and you have a full dose of (title pending) awesomeness!

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In the hills of Franklin County, Virginia during Prohibition, a trio of brothers distill moonshine in the woods and smuggle it into the big city and sell it to organized crime. When a new special deputy is appointed for the area, things begin to get heated. Violence and drama ensue as the brothers struggle against the law and try to romance the ladies, all in the course of trying to build their white lightning empire.

It’s a pretty basic story, but all of the performers do a pretty admirable job, and the combination of period piece and gangster element is always a plus in my book. “Lawless” is no threat to make my Top Ten this year, by any means, but it did wind up a surprisingly entertaining time at the movies for me.

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The 2012 Fall Movie Preview – Part I

With this weekend’s release of “The Expendables 2” and “ParaNorman”, the summer movie season is pretty much over. One weekend remains in August, and those movies wont have much room to run before school is back in session.

Nope, the season of the big blockbuster is behind us. It’s time to look ahead to the fall.

Not to despair, though, the fall brings sharp movies for the thinking movie fan. Movies which may have more selective box office appeal, but which may be some of the best movies all year.

So click through to take a look at the first part of this year’s fall preview. Today we’ll look at the last week of August, plus September, and then we’ll come back tomorrow with October and the first week of November. Together they’ll take us right up to the start of the Holiday movie season, and the November 9th release of Skyfall!

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