The 2013 Summer Movie Preview – Part 1


Summer is finally upon us! With this Friday’s release of “Iron Man 3”, the 2013 Summer Movie season officially begins!

The summer season is defined by big budget, high-profile releases, and this summer is no exception. We’ll cover what’s coming out in May and June today, and then look at July and August tomorrow. 

Click through to check out what the first half of Summer, 2013 has in store!

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Won’t Back Down

“Won’t Back Down” stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis as a parent and a teacher, respectively, who get fed up with the conditions and the poor results of the school they’re both involved with. Out of frustration with the ruling bureaucracy, they take matters into their own hands and attempt to overtake control of the school via their State’s “Parent Trigger” law. Essentially, if they can muster enough support for their proposal and the school board approves their motion, they can disband the current school administration and turn the school into a charter school.

It’s a well acted, if heavy-handed movie. It raises numerous issues with the educational system, without presenting any valid solutions. Still though, the earnestness of the performances, and the fact that for the most part they try to avoid shameless emotional manipulation and stick to a relatively plausible story made for an enjoyable watch for me.

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The 2012 Fall Movie Preview – Part I

With this weekend’s release of “The Expendables 2” and “ParaNorman”, the summer movie season is pretty much over. One weekend remains in August, and those movies wont have much room to run before school is back in session.

Nope, the season of the big blockbuster is behind us. It’s time to look ahead to the fall.

Not to despair, though, the fall brings sharp movies for the thinking movie fan. Movies which may have more selective box office appeal, but which may be some of the best movies all year.

So click through to take a look at the first part of this year’s fall preview. Today we’ll look at the last week of August, plus September, and then we’ll come back tomorrow with October and the first week of November. Together they’ll take us right up to the start of the Holiday movie season, and the November 9th release of Skyfall!

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