Tossin’ It Out There: Plug Your Blog

plugOk, everyone, here we go! Once again, Fogs flirts with folly, as I decide to live on the wild side and open this thread up to people link dumping and plugging their own sites!

In light of my second straight nomination for Best Community Builder, and stolen from following 3Guys1Movie’s last “Hump Day Have Your Say” topic, where they courted links and requested blog recommendations, I felt it might be a good idea to do some community building and let bloggers have a chance to tout their own sites. Hopefully, it will give us all a chance to find some more blogs and get to know each other a little better.

Could this blow up in my face? Yesssss, yes, it could. LOL 😀 I can easily think of three or four ways this could wind up in disaster.

Here’s the catch! If you drop a link to your blog (and you can be as verbose as you like in trying to entice visitors) YOU HAVE TO BE ON YOUR HONOR YOU WILL VISIT ANOTHER BLOG POSTED HERE! (Preferably one you’ve never visited before.) I think it’s only fair, and if we put that in place, it will up the chance of people actually visiting others, and seeing some actual referals out of this!

Now, for those of you who don’t blog, this will be a fine opportunity for you to find other blogs and see what they’re all about. Feel free to comment on any comments that you like, but please, let’s be supportive, ok? 😉

So! Let’s hear it. Tell us about your blog. Drop a link to your favorite article, or your homepage. Tell us why you started blogging, or why you keep blogging, or what you hate about blogging, it’s up to you. Dont say anything, and just dump a link! That’s fine too. For everyone that reads and visits, let’s show that FMR Community spirit by taking a minute and clicking through and visiting some new folks!

Ok, that’s it! Let’s have at it! Plug your blog!

Daniel Fogarty

Follow Fridays!: Duke and the Movies

Duke & the Movies is the blogging home of Mr. Sam Fragoso.

It’s safe to say that Sam is an accomplished and well-respected blogger. Duke & the Movies took home this year’s Lammy for “Best Running Feature” for his series “Battle of the Directors”. He was also the runner-up for “The Braniac Award”. Additionally, his blog also received nominations for “Best Reviewer” and “Best Blogathon”. Hell, even his “For Your Consideration” poster did well this year, making it (I believe) to the semi-finals in the FYC Poster tournament.

Click through to read more about “Duke &” after the break!

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Follow Fridays!: Marked Movies

What’s going on everybody? Today we have the long-awaited return of “Follow Fridays!” The blogging schedule has conspired against me turning my attention to these posts for a couple of months now, but if you thought I was going to be content to pass the torch to Bubbawheat, think again! 😀

Today’s “Follow Fridays!” features Mark Walker’s “Marked Movies”. Mark is a blogger from Glasgow, Scotland, and he’s had his blog open since the beginning of this year. Since then he’s reviewed in the neighborhood of 250 movies. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. Click through to read more about it!

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For Your Consideration: Best New Lamb

Today’s “FYC” post is for the category of “Best New Lamb”.

In addition to my blog, we have four other blogs who have joined the LAMB within this last year: Cinematic Corner, Public Transportation SnobThe Velvet Cafe, The Droid You’re Looking For.

Everyone has good stuff to offer, and they’re all great additions to the LAMB community. If you’ll click through, I’ll break down what each of them have to offer!

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Follow Fridays!: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

It’s Friday, and it’s a long weekend (here in the States at least :D)! So what better way to kick things off than with a really great movie blog recommendation?

This time up? The super prolific “Dan the Man” of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews! You may know Dan as CMrok93, the screen name he uses to comment and reply, he’s visited here on many occasions, in fact I’m sure many of you have seen him on your blogs as well! 

Dan’s one of the hardest working reviewers around, he’s cranking out reviews left and right… click through to read more about his site!!

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Follow Fridays: The Warning Sign!

Thank God it’s Friday, people!

Today’s “Follow Fridays” is our buddy Eric, over at “The Warning Sign”.

TWS is a great spot for movie discussion. There’s a healthy commenting community (as many of you know!) and a great opportunity to comment on a wide range of classic films, primarily due to Eric’s decision to select a large number of important/influential flicks, watch ’em, and chronicle the journey.

His “Movie Project”.

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Follow Fridays!: French Toast Sunday

Thank God it’s Friday!

And Fridays bring another movie blog recommendation from yours truly. Up this week? French Toast Sunday!

This is a bit of “Instant Karma” for Lindsay and the folks over at FTS. At the beginning of the week, they were kind enough to recommend my blog in one of their posts, and I stopped in to check out the backlink. I was instantly impressed with the clean, colorful look of the site, and I wound up reading that they had recently changed their layout!

So. Quid pro quo opportunity? Great new look to plug? Impressive blog with accompanying podcast? A “Follow Fridays!” was a no brainer! Plus, they had a post on their front page recommending Troll 2! Hell ya!!

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