Follow Fridays!: Awesomely Shitty

Continuing my Friday series of recommending other blogs and bloggers to everyone.

Up this week? “Awesomely Shitty”. The homecave of our resident curmudgeon, Brikhaus. If you’ve ever wondered why I approve of Brik in spite of his profanity laden bitterness, and his little icon giving us all the finger, well, you’ve probably never gotten the full “Awesomely Shitty” experience!

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Follow Fridays!: The Focused Filmographer

Ok, everyone. So I’ve been kicking around ideas for how to promote the blogs and bloggers I like ever since I removed my blogroll. What I’ve come up with is Follow Fridays. Stealing a concept from the twitterverse, I’m going to start a Fridays feature where I recommend a site for you to visit, from amongst the many fine blogs that I frequent and/or the bloggers here who are part of the FMR community.

Up first we have the “Artist formerly known as Sp1der”, aka T aka The Focused Filmographer.


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