Returning to Chick Flick City. Where should I go?

What’s going on, people?

The other day, a spam comment found its way through the filters and awaited moderation on my Chick Flick City “Steel Magnolias” post. It was spam, and wound up in the trash, but it did bring me back to Chick Flick City. I was shocked to find that it had been over a year since I did the last one (Dec, 2011). 😯

So, with nothing else goofy looming on the horizon here, I decided to resurrect the series. Yup, heading back to Chick Flick City.

For those of you who don’t know, Chick Flick City is a series where I brave the movies that most men would rather jump off of a bridge than watch… those flicks where any testosterone-abled man writhes in discomfort just thinking about them. I post a running commentary as I watch (a la my recent Twilight marathon) and post for your reading enjoyment.

To mark my return, I selected ten chick flicks I’ve never seen. The poll will run for a week and the top two choices will get their day in the sun here over the next month or so. You can make two choices, and base it on any criteria you like. Actually a fan of one or more of these films, and hoping I’ll enjoy them? Great! Love watching reading me suffer, and want to pick the worst ones you can? That’s fine too. It’s all in good fun.

So have at it! My first stops in my return to Chick Flick City are up to you!

[Check out previous stops! Steel Magnolias, The Notebook, Bridget Jones’ Diary]

The Great Debates: Al Pacino or Robert De Niro? And the Winner is…

Last week, I put forward the question – which would you choose, Al Pacino, or Robert De Niro?

They’re two of the greatest actors in history, and almost everyone who commented touched on how difficult a choice it was!

But it needed to be asked, and in spite of everyone saying it was close, the end results weren’t. One of these two walked away with it…

Click through to see who!

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The Great Debates: Alien vs. Aliens

Given the release of “Prometheus” this past week, the “Alien” franchise has been pushed back to the forefront. I’m not sure that anyone would prefer that movie to either of these, so I’m fairly certain that the debate over the best film in the Franchise still boils down to these two.

So let’s hash it out once and for all.

Click through to read the “Tale of the Tape” and then let’s hear which one you think is better, “Alien” or “Aliens”!

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The (title pending) Movie Podcast 80s Movie Draft


Alright, alright!

The time is here! The podcast is up, people have had a head start to listen spoiler free… now is the time to VOTE and determine who the winner was in the first ever (title pending) Movie Podcast 80s Movie Draft. Click through for a complete list of the rosters, weigh your choices, and then cast your vote!

YOU’RE going to decide who the winner was! Our fate is in your hands!

We recognize that listening to the podcast is not a pre-requisite for voting… anyone can click through, check out the teams, and then cast their vote. But it was a great show, and we’ve been getting a lot of very positive feedback, I highly encourage you to take a listen! 😀 You can download it here, or look for us on iTunes! If you don’t have the time, please feel free to participate anyways… we’d love to have your input!

In the meantime, let the best team win. We’ll keep this poll open until Monday night, at 10:00 est so that Tank and I can discuss the results during our next taping.

So, click through, read the lineups, and you tell us…


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