For Your Consideration: Most Prolific

“Most Prolific”

The folks who really crank the content out.

Hell yeah, it’s an honor to be recognized in this category. I’m putting up content daily, often multiple posts in the same day.

Nominees in this category aside from myself include: “Never Too Early Movie Predictions”, “The Matinee”, “Anomalous Material”, and “The Film Emporium”.

Click through to get the lowdown on each of the Nominees for “Most Prolific”!

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For Your Consideration: Best Community Builder

Normally on Fridays, I like to run my “Follow Fridays” series, where I recommend another movie blog and try to briefly explain why they’re worth checking out. It’s one of the ways that I try to connect everyone, and also a way to try to support other blogger’s efforts.

So I thought today would be a good day to launch my Lammy campaigning, and lead with the category “Best Community Builder / Networking Lamb”. It kind of ties in neatly to what I’d be doing today anyways.

I think everyone here knows that here at FMR we have a great movie discussion/commenting community, but you might not all be familiar with all of the other candidates. This post will give me an opportunity to highlight the other nominees, which will be good for our Non-Lammie readers and help our eligible voter friends have a look at the category and make an informed decision…

For FMR, of course! 😀 Read on!

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Follow Fridays!: Never Too Early Movie Predictions

Happy Friday everyone!! This week’s supersized #FF goes to our buddy NTEMP over at Never Too Early Movie Predictions! NTEMP is clocking the Oscars all year round, and with them coming up right around the corner, now’s the time you want to check out his site in order to stay wired in to all of the latest trends and info…

I leaned heavily on his blog during MAJOR Awards season in order to try to ensure I saw as many movies as I could that were in statuette contention prior to making my own choices. And I’ll tell you this, he had an excellent track record leading up through the nomination process. Kept me WELL informed.

Never Too Early Movie Predictions is pretty much a must read over the next few weeks… click through and I’ll tell you more! 😀

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