New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

Hey hey hey! We’re back with another episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!

In this week’s episode we review the two big new releases out this week – “Project X”, the found footage teen party movie, and “The Lorax”, the animated offering with the environmentalist bent. Both did surprisingly well at the Box Office, but how did our hosts feel about them?

Then in our feature discussion – in keeping with the spirit of “The Lorax” – Tank and I discuss our top five animated movies of all time. Which are our favorites? Will it be a Pixar fest?

Tune in to find out! As always, you can download or listen to this episode directly here, or search us out on iTunes. Please remember to stop by and give our Facebook page a like, Tank has been doing a great job of keeping it filled with good stuff!

Project X

“Project X” is an amateurish film that exists merely to be exploitative of teenaged debauchery. Chronicling a high school keg party that escalates into a fully fledged riot, the movie makes no bones about gratuitously documenting the sex, drugs and loud music inherent in a teen party. It shows no shame in completely reveling in the lust, lewd behaviour, substance abuse, violence and vandalism that often occur when hormones, intoxicants, youth and lack of parental supervision mix.

It’s a movie that’s crude, crass and morally reprehensible.


I approve.

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The 2012 Spring Movie Preview

January and February are behind us now… this weekend marks the start of the 2012 Spring Movie Season!

While it doesn’t quite have the huge blockbusters of the Summer or Holiday seasons, March has turned into quite a nice month on the Hollywood release calendar. There’s plenty of big budget flicks and star vehicles to look forward to, and it all kicks off this weekend with “The Lorax”!

Click through and see what’s in store between now and the 2012 Summer Movie Season!

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