So! I finally took my first step into the wild and wonderful world of podcasting!

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been contributing some of my reviews and “MTESS” columns to Under…Scoop…Fire.com, a site which caters to the nostalgia of the 1980s. Aside from my movie stuff, they have some comic book columns, a resident 80’s music columnist, caption contests…  It’s a fun site, and I’ve talked quite a bit with the people over there, they’re all very cool.

As part of their site, they’ve been doing podcasts, and asked me to start a movie related one with their friend Chris Tanski, who’s also a bigtime movie fan. The first one is up now, here.

There’s a lot of “Getting to know you” / “How did you become a big movie nerd?” / “What kind of movies do you like” stuff going on, but eventually we get around to talking about “Real Steel”. I think it all came out pretty well, and hope everyone who’s interested will find it as enjoyable to listen to as it was to record.

I’m looking forward to doing more of them, and hope we can put them up on a regular basis!

As always, feel free to leave compliments, complaints, and criticisms in the comments. I promise I will try not to interrupt Chris so much next time, LOL.

Real Steel

There’s a lot to like in “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Real Steel”, there really is. There’s some great CGI, they’re definitely pulling the best pages out of the inspirational/sports movie playbook to crib off of, and there’s enough uniqueness provided via the high concept of fighting robots to add some flair and some excitement along the way.

Unfortunately, you have to dig through a mound of clichés, and you absolutely can’t hold it up under any sort of scrutiny or it will collapse in front of you like a house of cards. The minute you ask something like say… “Wait, how does this kid know so much about robotics,” or “Hang on a second, I thought this guy was broke, how is he filling that huge trailer with gas every ten minutes”… you’re completely toast.

Still, if you’re looking for some lighthearted fun, and you don’t turn an overly critical eye to it, “Real Steel” is a fun time at the movies.

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2011 Fall Movie Season Preview

“And I can tell you
My love for you will still be strong
After the movies of summer have gone…”

God. I’ve GOT to stop doing that! Why anybody comes back to this blog when I keep doling out such HAM is beyond me.

It’s true though. The movies of summer have gone. This weekend brings “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark”, “Our Idiot Brother” and “Colombiana”, after which the summer season will be officially deemed closed.

BIG movies begin to come back during the “Holiday Movie Season”, which begins the week before Thanksgiving. This year the Holiday season will kick off with “Happy Feet Two”, “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” and (thankfully) “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” starring Gary Oldman. Once those movies hit, the ball is officially rolling, as Turkey Day weekend itself brings us “The Muppets” and Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”.

The fall is pretty much the lowest profile time of the year for movies. Blockbusters come out in the Summer, the Holidays, and early March. Oscar contenders are typically released in January to stay fresh in voters minds. With the exception of Halloween, which often brings high-profile horror movies, the fall pretty much has a reputation for being a dumping ground.  

Still, there are movies on my radar (of course). Movies that I’m looking forward to to varying degrees. Click through to see the ten movies I’m looking forward to the most between now and the Holiday Movie Season.

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