News Worth Sharing/Random Rants: Ridley Scott is Going Back to “Blade Runner”

I’m sad, too, Sean. I’m sad too.

Why? Just. Seriously. Why?

Did Robin Hood suck so bad that Ridley Scott lost all faith in trying new things? First, he “revisits” Alien… although, thankfully that movie was spared a direct sequel/prequel/pukequel and wound up becoming the upcoming “Prometheus” instead.

Now, as the good folks at Anomalous Materials point out, Deadline is reporting that Ridley Scott has¬†signed a deal with a company that purchased the movie rights,¬†and is now going to “revisit” Blade Runner.

I believe the comment I left on the “A.M.” thread sums up my feelings.

“I want to puke.

But I can’t stop crying”.

WHAT THE %$@&??!!!

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