Catching the Classics: Risky Business

risky_businessSince 1998, I have been maintaining a list of movies that I wanted to see. Sometimes these are all-time classics that passed me by, sometimes they’re genre classics that interest me. The list grows regularly and is currently more than 1800 movies long. Fogs has gone through and hand-picked several classic films for me to “fast-track” and review here. This is one of those films.

We all know the scene. Tom Cruise. Pink dress shirt. Boxer shorts. Bob Seger. He slid into his parents’ living room and into the American consciousness. The scene is ubiquitous in lists of iconic movie scenes. I probably saw the scene itself or homages to it thirty times before I even knew who Tom Cruise was (I was four years old when Risky Business came out). It can be a little odd checking out a film when one scene is already thoroughly engraved in memory through years of repetition.

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The Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies

Alright, alright.

Let’s do another one of these things.

After the relative success of my Top Ten Ridley Scott Films a couple of weeks back, I feel ok enough with these to take another crack at them. This time up? A Top Ten with an even higher level of difficulty, the Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies.

Mr. Cruise has been in a number of high quality films over the years, this was an extremely difficult list to whittle down. There are a number of really excellent films that didn’t make my cut… including some of his truly iconic roles.

Please keep in mind, these aren’t necessarily ordered by his performances, this would be what I would consider an attempt to rank his best movies. Of course, there are a few films of his I havent seen, I think I have all the major bases covered though.

With those disclaimers out of the way, read on!!

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