Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Giant robots fight giant monsters for the fate of the world in the latest offering from Guillermo del Toro (“Hellboy”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”). Featuring incredible special effects, a fantastic premise, and fun, colorful (albeit goofy) characters, “Pacific Rim” is a summer spectacular well worth catching on the big screen.

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The 2013 Summer Movie Preview – Part 2

Ice Cream Truck 2

Ok, everyone, here we go! The second half of the Summer slate for 2013! There’s plenty of big movies in store, and of course, a handful of DOAs.

Click through to check out the second half of this Summer!

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3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom

“3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom” is an oddball comedy about a man cursed with an idiotic brother who is unintentionally determined to ruin his life. Through the course of the film we’re introduced to a trigger happy ex-actor, a porn star with a drug problem, a wealthy couple intent on making films to promote celibacy, a drowning pig, and a Sasquatch-sized post-op played by Ron Perlman in drag.

Featuring a likeable cast, but not too much else, it opens in limited release this Friday.

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The 2012 Fall Movie Preview – Part II

Ok folks, here we go. Part II of the 2012 Fall Movie Preview. Today we’ll break down all the major releases on tap for the month of October, and the first week of November!

As you might imagine, it’s a diverse bunch. There are some ahead that look intriguing, and some that might as well be announcing that they’re garbage already, LOL. Let’s have a look and see if we can’t sort out what’s what!!

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“Drive” was an excellent, high calibre, praiseworthy movie experience.

Directed with confidence and style by newcomer to American cinema Nicolas Winding Refn,  drive is the best movie I’ve seen in theatres this year by a longshot, and most certainly will be in discussion for movie of the year here, if not the actual Oscars.

In fact, the only real criticism I have of it is that there were several times during the film I found myself wondering if I was watching a film that was going to register amongst the greats, if I was meeting a new film to my personal top fifty for the first time. It never quite got there, but I think the best way to present that isn’t to put that out there negatively, but to put it out there positively.

This is a film that flirts with greatness.

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Now showing on cable: “Tangled”

Premiering on Starz this weekend was one of Disney’s most recent animated offerings, 2010’s “Tangled”.

“Tangled” is Disney’s take on the classic fairytale Rapunzel. In this recounting, Rapunzel’s mother, a Queen, ingests a medicine made from a magical flower while she is with child. Rapunzel is born a Princess with magical hair.

However, an evil old woman had been using the magic of the flower to keep herself eternally young. Soon after Rapunzel is born, the woman kidnaps her in order to gain the youthful benefits of her magic hair. She raises Rapunzel as her own child, locked away in a hidden tower.

Rapunzel knows nothing of the outside world, nor her true parentage.

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Conan: The Barbarian

To quote my buddy Nelson. “It was all right…”

To which I could only shrug and nod and say “Yeah.”

There was a lot to like in this movie, for sure. Unfortunately it was mixed in with plenty of things you just can’t get past.

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