Chick Flick City – where to next?


Alrighty then.

Round one was relatively successful I thought. Saw two high quality (though unmistakably feminine movies). Now it’s time to determine the next stop on our tour of Chick Flick City.

This round I culled the potential answers from films I heard mentioned previously, and picked the ones I felt were leaving the biggest chinks in my personal viewing filmography. The winner (and potentially the top two if the vote is weighted enough) will get a Chick Flick City column in the very near future.

If you’re not familiar with Chick Flick City, it’s my series of columns where I watch a Chick Flick I’ve never seen, and write a running diary of my experience. Check out my first two installments, Steel Magnolias and The Notebook.

I’d also like to know if everyone approves of the running diary format… I have fun doing them that way, I do think theyre funny, but I suspect it might put people off if theyre not familiar enough with the movie, plus they wind up being LONG. LOL.  Also, be sure to let me know which movies you’d like to see up for consideration in future rounds, as well, ok?

So there you have it. Let the great chick flick debate begin again!