21 & Over


It’s Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday, and we all know that that means he should get completely wasted in order to celebrate the fact that he can legally purchase alcohol. Jeff Chang’s problem, though, is that he has a meeting the next morning that’s important to his medical degree. So when he winds up getting so drunk he’s incapacitated, his fate lies in the hands of his two best friends, who need to get him home and sobered up in time for his father to pick him up in the morning.

Of course, along the way, a string of drunken hijinks ensue.

If you’re a fan of comedies revolving exclusively around drunken hijinks, then “21 & Over” is a film that will make you laugh. If not? Then, move along.

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The 2013 Spring Movie Season Preview


YES! We made it through the Winter Movie Season, where Hollywood unloads their junk on us, and now we’re headed into the Spring!

Spring is a time for mini-blockbusters, and movies that Hollywood hopes will have decent runs. Last year, “The Hunger Games” was released in March, for example, and we all saw how well that did!

Click through to see all the movies that this Spring Season has to offer!

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Pitch Perfect

The central plot of “Pitch Perfect” has been done so often now that I’m going to start calling it “The ‘Sister Act’ Plot”. Random band/choir/and in this case, competitive a capella group, has become stale and set in their ways, and then a new member with fresh ideas insists on shaking things up and a power struggle ensues on the way to the championship/big event at the finale. I’ve seen that plot 600 times, in fact, this is the second time this year (the first being “Joyful Noise”).

In addition to the been there done that structure, “Pitch Perfect” is also filled with really broad comedic characters, and then peppered with a cappella group competitive routines… which, you can imagine, aren’t my cup of tea.

Still, the charms of the cast, and the humor that does land overcomes the weaknesses enough to tip the balance slightly in “Pitch Perfect”‘s favor.

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