The Top Ten Sports Movies

Last night, the 2012 NFL season officially kicked off, and in conjunction, today brings my list of the Top Ten Sports Movies of all time.

This was a difficult list to compile. Mainly due to the difficulty of defining what a “Sports Movie” actually is. A number of great movies use sports as an element, but in reality may be about something else. Perhaps the movie is a drama (“Raging Bull”) or has a strong romantic element (“Bull Durham”). How does one compare those as “Sports Movies” against a movie such as, say… “Miracle”, which is purely focused on a sport?

Compounding the challenge is the fact that this category has an enormous number of movies up for consideration. It would have been easy to go top 20 or even 30 here… I had to cut a number of movies that I’m a big fan of. There are some really, really painful omissions out there.

But I pushed on and worked it out! Click through to check out my list of the Top Ten Sports Movies of all time!

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Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Sports Movie?

So! Football Season is underway, the Baseball playoffs are fast approaching, the NBA is in a lockout wait, that doesn’t help me here… Anyways, Sports seem like they’re in full swing around here.

Which made me think it’d be a good topic for this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There”, because there are 18,759,412 Movies about sports, and Friday with the release of “Moneyball” that number will be 18,759,413!

Eight Men Out, Slapshot, North Dallas Forty, Blue Chips, Invictus, Victory, Rocky, Warrior, Vision Quest… it seems as if if there’s a sport, there’s been a movie about it. Even if you’re not a sports fan, I’m willing to bet there’s SOME sports movie you love.

So, let the Games begin! What’s YOUR favorite movie revolving around sports??