Super 8

“Super 8. It’s like ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘Cloverfield’ had a baby.”  – Chris Todd

Basically, Chris gave a perfect summation in just a dozen words. Of course, where’s the fun in that? LOL.

Super 8 is about a handful of young kids who sneak out late at night in order to film an amateur movie, and wind up witnessing a train crash. Of course, its not just any ordinary train crash, this train was carrying… a monster.

Of course, the movie doesnt give you that right away, even though you know it from the previews. Instead the Government closes in for reasons unknown, and strange things start happening around town. As havoc builds and builds, the kids realize they captured the creature’s escape on their film, which gives them the reason to get deeply involved in the incident. Along the way, the bonds of childhood friendship are formed, and family relationships are tested, but dont fail.

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