News Worth Sharing: “Arrested Development” returning for mini-Season on TV, then Movie

News broke yesterday out of The New Yorker festival that “Arrested Development” would be returning to television for an abbreviated tv season prior to release of their long-awaited movie.

Creator Michael Hurwitz announced that they will be shooting nine to ten episodes, with each revolving around a single character from the series, in order to catch audiences up with what the members of the Bluth Family have been up to for the past five years. Producer Ron Howard confirms.

My question to you is, Can you freaking believe it? 😀 😀 😀

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Hollywood Mysteries: “Lost”. Are you %#$&ing Kidding Me? Pt. 4

For “LOST” fans, Season Six was the promised land. All would be revealed.

Over the years we had been taken on a journey that included two survivable plane crashes, a fake plane crash, a crashed plane full of heroin, polar bears, baby kidnappers, ghosts, visions, world saving buttons, a cloud of noisy smoke that kills people, cursed numbers, miraculous healing, a phantom “sickness”, a real sickness that kills pregnant women, impossibly linked people, ageless people, a crazy French woman, an ancient four toed statue foot, torture, an inescapable island, a brainwashing chamber, time travel, an ancient wheel device that teleports the island and/or causes time space disruptions, a seeming resurrection, a couple of real resurrections, a magic cabin, a magic temple, this weird device that pinpoints the island with a pendulum, nukes, nerve gas, mysterious jungle gypsies, mysterious science organizations, you %$&#ing name it, this show threw all kinds of crazy shit at us. My list doesn’t even cover everything.

And now it had 18 episodes to explain itself once and for all.

We had been promised answers, and I wanted nothing less.

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TV Talk: The End of “Entourage”

This weekend, HBO’s “Entourage” concluded its eight season run. At eight seasons long, it’s tied with “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for the longest run in HBO’s history.

Does that mean it’s one of the best things HBO has ever produced?

Uhm, no.

“Entourage” was a series which fluctuated wildly in quality over the length of its run, much like its protagonist’s (Vinny Chase’s) career, although the two aren’t directly correlated. Entourage was a show that could never quite figure out why people were watching it, unlike say, “True Blood”, which knows exactly why people are tuning in and dishes out what they come to see in healthy portions each week. “Entourage” began as the Hollywood Fantasy – the dream of making it big, realized. It was always a “Dramedy”. But it was supposedly a comedy with dramatic elements (it’s in the Emmys as a comedy). Over the course of its run, however, it often diverged from the Hollywood fantasy and became somewhat of a soap opera revolving around the four leads, and instead of being a comedy with dramatic elements, it became a drama with comedic elements.

They weren’t changes I welcomed.

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TV Talk: True Blood Season 4 Finale (S4E12, “And When I Die”)


We open with Lafayette and Jesus sharing a romantic breakfast.

Only Jesus doesn’t know Marnie is in control now, and he winds up getting stabbed in the hand by a fork.

Kind of like how Tony Romo stabbed me in the heart last night during the Cowboys game.

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TV Talk: True Blood (S4E11, “Soul of Fire”)

When we last left Bon Temps, the “V Team” was just rolling out of their van, packing some major league ordinance. And that’s right where this episode picks up. Pam asks, “Can we blow up these Wiccan dipshits already?” and I couldn’t agree with her more. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be so simple though.

Inside “The Hotel California”, Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso briefly springs out of Marnie, after Marnie kills one of her disciples/hostages. Lafayette then delivers what has to be considered one of the frontrunners for “Best line of this season”.

“Oh, shit. Marnie just puked a bitch out!”

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TV Talk: True Blood (S4E10, “Burning Down the House”)


We rejoin the comedy action already in progress as Antonia Maria Conchita Alonso and her strike force of hypnotized vampires are attacking the human/vampire coalition meeting. Sookie gets in between Bill and Eric multiple times, saving each of them in turn. I wish she had let one of them die, this triangle is getting on my nerves.

Sookie then uses her repulser beams on Eric, and he regains his old memories. She couldn’t have done that earlier this season?

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TV Talk: True Blood (S4E9, “Let’s Get Out Of Here”)


Thankfully, Sookie took some of Bill’s blood, and healed up quickly from her gunshot wound. Phew! The maudlin BS of her “Dying” didn’t get stretched out as long as I feared.

Now that she’s had some of Bill’s blood, she’s dreaming of him again, too. She’s like a Bon Temps yo-yo. A Ho-Yo. Leave it to Sookie to have a lucid dream starring her two lovers, and she dreams about lecturing them, even if it is a lecture about doing them both.

If I see one more gauzy, slo mo scene between her and Eric, even if there IS double teaming involved, I will literally vomit.

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