Warm Bodies

Warm Bodie

“Warm Bodies” is a zombie rom-com, light on almost every ingredient, but with such a unique mix that many people will praise it highly. It’s not a great romance, it’s not a great comedy, it certainly isn’t a great zombie movie… but how often do you get those ingredients mixed together?

And as such, to me, it winds up a fairly enjoyable movie.

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The 2013 Winter Movie Season Preview


Ok, boys and girls. The Holiday Season is over… and the Spring Season, full of mini Blockbusters, is still months away.

Between now and then lies Hollywood’s dumping ground. The Hollywood fields lie fallow in the winter, bearing little quality product. It’s the two months of the year we need to “Get through”. While January typically offers some limited releases from the prior year going wide, there’s typically little else to get excited over.

Will this year be different? Are there any movies to get excited about these next two months? Let’s take a look at the release slate and see what we’ve got!

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Now showing on cable: “I Am Number Four”

Premiering on Showtime this weekend was this year’s Sci-Fi movie, “I Am Number Four”

“I Am Number Four” is the story of nine alien children who escape to earth in order to hide from a hostile race, the Mogadorians, which have invaded their home planet. The nine of them were “gifted” with special powers which could help them fight back against the invaders. Now, however, the “Mogs” have found them on Earth, and are killing them in sequential order. The first three are dead. “John Smith” is number four.

It’s kind of like an alien assassination game of nine-ball.

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