The 2013 Winter Movie Season Preview


Ok, boys and girls. The Holiday Season is over… and the Spring Season, full of mini Blockbusters, is still months away.

Between now and then lies Hollywood’s dumping ground. The Hollywood fields lie fallow in the winter, bearing little quality product. It’s the two months of the year we need to “Get through”. While January typically offers some limited releases from the prior year going wide, there’s typically little else to get excited over.

Will this year be different? Are there any movies to get excited about these next two months? Let’s take a look at the release slate and see what we’ve got!

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Fun Size

Just like its target audience’s age group, “Fun Size” is awkwardly stuck between two worlds. It’s a little too spicy to be family friendly, yet far too tame to deliver laughs with its wanna-be teen comedy material.

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The 2012 Fall Movie Preview – Part II

Ok folks, here we go. Part II of the 2012 Fall Movie Preview. Today we’ll break down all the major releases on tap for the month of October, and the first week of November!

As you might imagine, it’s a diverse bunch. There are some ahead that look intriguing, and some that might as well be announcing that they’re garbage already, LOL. Let’s have a look and see if we can’t sort out what’s what!!

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Project X

“Project X” is an amateurish film that exists merely to be exploitative of teenaged debauchery. Chronicling a high school keg party that escalates into a fully fledged riot, the movie makes no bones about gratuitously documenting the sex, drugs and loud music inherent in a teen party. It shows no shame in completely reveling in the lust, lewd behaviour, substance abuse, violence and vandalism that often occur when hormones, intoxicants, youth and lack of parental supervision mix.

It’s a movie that’s crude, crass and morally reprehensible.


I approve.

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