The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon: Week 4!

The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon is still going strong here at FMR! We’ll have one more week of entries next week, which I’m sure will contain a ton of “Skyfall” reviews, because…. NEXT WEEK IS THE BIG WEEK! 😀 To get you in the right frame of mind, here’s a group of Bond related posts for you to check out!

Click through to check out which 00s reported for duty this time around!

The Shepherd of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, aka The LAMB makes his contribution with this article on “Licence to Kill”! Check it out!

Speaking of The LAMB, last year’s winner for Best Reviewer and Best Classic Film Blog – James Blake Ewing over at Cinema Sights – has reviewed all the films in the series, and he’s graciously provided us the link! You know these’ll be good!

Ruth from Flixchatter continues to prove she’s one of blogging’s hugest Bond fans by hosting a guest post listing the Top Five Bond Villains! I’ve provided a link to an archived post containing hers, as well! I did mine yesterday, check out hers today!

Ranking the Bond Villains seems to be in the air! PG Cooper joins in with his list, too! Check out his ranking of all 22 Bond Baddies, below!

Mr Rumsey, of Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings has more for us this week! He’s got rankings for all 22 Bond films, PLUS a review of “Skyfall”!

Richard Kirkham has got a new post for us this week! Fresh off the presses, it’s his breakdown and ranking of the movies of the Roger Moore era!

Here’s the next installment of the Bond by era look back by Brik Haus over at Awesomely Shitty! This time up, it’s Dalton, Brosnan and Craig!

Andrew over at The Stop Button has written quite a bit about our man Bond! Here’s a couple more, this time covering two of the best films of the Connery era, Goldfinger and Thunderball!

Finally, I posted this last week. But this post was so fun I’m putting it up again! If you didn’t check our El Santo’s break down of the Bond Girl names, you are missing out!! I laughed all the way through, it’s a must read!

Well, that’s it for this week. I’m hope that’ll keep all you Bond fans busy this weekend!! 😀

We’ll be back next week with one last batch, sure to be chock full of “Skyfall” reviews! BECAUSE IT’S OUT NEXT WEEK!! 😀 If you’d like to contribute a link, just email me at As always, feel free to use the header image or the banner below in any new Bond related posts, if you’d like to help promote the Blog-A-Thon! Thanks to everyone who’s been contributing, I appreciate it so much! See you all again here next week!!

14 thoughts on “The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon: Week 4!

  1. Pingback: License to Kill and why I effing love it!!!

    • I’ll have to check that out. Looks like it talks Skyfall though. And right now I’m doing the “little kid defense” with my hands over my ears and loudly singing LALALALALALAAA!!

      So. I’m sure its good and all… but I, personally, am on lockdown. 😀

      Others may check it out for sure, though.

      • Not very much Skyfall talk but then lockdown is lockdown! I know you know the buzz surrounding it though. Even Bond bashers like it . Best Picture 2012?

  2. Awwww… thanks for reposting my piece on the Bond girl names, Fogs! Hmmm… I might jump in again next week with another Bond piece. It IS the big week, after all.

    • Yup. 😀 Sure IS!!

      No problem man. I have trouble getting around to all of these links in a timely fashion when I post them, and when I read yours, I laughed so bad I new I had to try to promote it again. 😀 Good stuff bro. Really fun.

  3. Hey thanks Fogs!! Oh man, 7 more days to go. LOVE that you have a countdown up top there, as if I’d forget about it, ahah. I’ve also updated my blog header to reflect my excitement for it 😀

  4. Dalton as an aging Hollywood movie star, secretly leveraging Quantum and taking over as CEO. He is financed by the millions he inherited from his father, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his long time evil partner George Lucas. Bond 24 “Bond Shot First” opening Thanksgiving week 2015

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