The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Director Winner

Worst Director Winner

Boys and girls. Your worst Director winner for 2012. The Hack who Hacked the worst this past year.

Your nominees are: Peter Berg, “Battleship”, Dan Bradley, “Red Dawn”, Rob Cohen, “Alex Cross”, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”, Mabrouk El Mechri, “The Cold Light of Day”.

Worst Director

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Rob Cohen, “Alex Cross”


The director has so many areas of responsibility on a film… all of which I’d consider fails in “Alex Cross”. The acting on display was bush league, so Cohen failed to coach his players to success. The plot and action were ridiculous, so Cohen failed to obtain a workable script, and then failed to make a workable movie from the one he had. Finally, at several points in the film, he interjects what I like to call “Flourishes”; here, for example, the image will blur and the sound will static out… you know, in order to unsettle the audience, because we’re watching a “psycho”. He failed there too, these stylistic moments were amateur and unwelcome. Intrusive.

On basically every level, Cohen failed as a director here. He created a film that earned a whopping 12% on Rotten Tomatoes, and made my top ten worst films of the year. It features bad acting, a poor story, and is saddled with annoying flashes of artistry that it would be far better served without.

The others were awful too. Berg took an enormous budget and returned with a joke. Dan Bradley took a B-Movie property and remade it into a god awful kindergarten art project. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor took their juvenile, adrenaline junkie spirit to “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”… but I’ll give them this, at least they had an intention. Mabrouk El Mechri didn’t even seem to know what he was doing as he put together a connect the dots thriller by creating pale imitations of better films in “Cold Light of Day”.

Rob CohenLeg LampBut none of them screwed the pooch like Cohen, who created a film that’s not only silly, but annoying, and may just wind up being the death knell for the Alex Cross film property.

Rob Cohen, the FMR MAJOR Award winner for Worst Director, 2012

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Daniel Fogarty

12 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Director Winner

  1. Yep. I think you made the best decision here. (he should be sharing his award with author James Patterson who worked with him on the project and allowed the horrible translation of his character to make it to film. ha)

    This one was bad. and you made the right choice. Congrats to Cohen.

    (do we say “congrats” to the worst category winners? oh well, I just did!) 😀

    • LOL. Yeah, I dont know… what’s the etiquette there? Maybe we should say congrats with the srunchy, I’m sorry funeral face. You know, the one you use when you’re saying youre sorry for their loss to some relative of the deceased you dont really know when youre going through the reception line. 😀

  2. Yeah, I think when you’ve probably killed a franchise, that just might warrant this award. We all know that Marvel will eventually bring back Ghost Rider no matter what… but Alex Cross may be done for.

  3. Didn’t see it but movie sounded like it ended flat as a pancake even with author help though he knows it doesn’t work well as a film.

    Here James Patterson’s mentioning Cross on his site during a Skyfall review.
    “Poor Alex Cross gets the Alex Cross movie….”

    A 12% RT score means well a movie was released in theaters; that’s all it says.
    Nice pick.

    • LOL, S, this one was SUPER flat. A pancake may even be generous! This was flat as a piece of paper…and just about as thin, too! LOL

      I feel bad for Patterson… I can’t imagine he was happy with the way this turned out. 😦

    • Sorry George. 😀 At least Berg’s movie is funny.

      Alex Cross was literally painful to sit through. It was a pretty awful film.

      Plus, Cohen tried to get artsy at a couple of different points or two and it was like watching the gymnast face plant in Final Destination 5. LOL 😮

  4. Missed this, but I wasn’t Really trying to hit it. Trailer looked terrible, how good could the movie be? The Morgan Freeman Cross movies were only OK. Cohen has made some crap.

    • He’s had a couple of decently entertaining ones too at least, I didnt think his filmography was completely bereft.

      But yeah, your gut instincts were correct, it was awful. Just so poorly put together and such bad acting.There’s a couple of things that I still laugh at when I think of them. LOL

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