The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Picture Winner

Best Picture Winner

Here we go folks, we’ve reached the end of the line. The last MAJOR Award of 2012 is the biggest. The best movie of the year.

The Nominees are: “Argo”, “The Avengers”, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, “Django Unchained”, “The Impossible”, “Life of Pi”, “Lincoln”, “Looper”, “Skyfall”, and “Zero Dark Thirty”.

Best Picture Nominees

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In a year full of spectacular blockbusters, no other movie impressed me as much as “Skyfall”.

In every year, you’re guaranteed to get a certain number of funny comedies, and a handful of moving dramas… but truly great action films can skip years entirely, and its rare when we get more than one (although that’s certainly not the case this year). “Skyfall” is truly great. It’s the rare breed of actioner that engages your brain when it’s not taking your breath away. It features great acting and fantastic cinematography, attributes which most action movies certainly aren’t known for. But action is first and foremost, and the action in “Skyfall” is incredible. From the intense pre-title sequence, to the incredible courtroom shootout, to the atmospheric final assault on Bond’s boyhood home, “Skyfall” is brimming with adrenaline charged sequences, each with a distinct tone and flavor.

In the midst of all the fantastic action are the great characters. Daniel Craig is being hailed as one of the best (if not the best) Bonds in the franchise’s 50 year history. Judy Dench returns as M, the character that she’s elevated far beyond what she inherited (apologies to Bernard Lee and Robert Brown). New versions of old characters are introduced with Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw. Ralph Fiennes shows up in a key role. But perhaps no one contributes as much as Javier Bardem, who creates one of the greatest villains in the history of the franchise with his flamboyant, menacing Raoul Silva. It’s a phenomenal cast, and together they prove more than capable of delivering the dramatic elements of the film.

It all comes together expertly under the direction of Sam Mendes, who creates the most visually striking Bond film ever. From the neon of Shanghai, to the casino lights of Macau, to the orange glow of the burning house on the moors in the finale, “Skyfall” frequently delivers gorgeous images. Cinematographer Roger Deakins has deservedly been nominated for an Academy Award here.

Coinciding with the franchise’s 50th anniversary, “Skyfall” is easily one of the best Bond films ever. For 2012, it’s also the best film of the year.

The others, were great, too. “Argo” recreated a harrowing true story in the tensest way possible. “The Avengers” was the very epitome of Superhero Team movie… it’ll will be difficult for any future team ups that follow to top it. “Beasts of the Southern Wild” was a beautiful, thought-provoking film that is all the more miraculous considering it was a first time effort for nearly everyone involved. “Django Unchained” was Tarantino doing what he does best. Offering us a bloody, violent, controversial revenge flick. “The Impossible” puts you right in the middle of the horrifying natural disaster that was the Indian Ocean tsunami, and let’s you feel every moment of it. “Life of Pi” was inspirational and gorgeous, and will leave you pondering your own faith after you leave, while “Lincoln” was historical drama at its finest, and included a legendary performance from Daniel Day-Lewis. “Looper” provided top-notch Sci Fi entertainment featuring two A List stars, and “Zero Dark Thirty” kept you on the edge of your seat, telling the story of the search for Osama Bin Laden.

SkyfallLeg LampBut none of them could match the power of “Skyfall”, which mixed action and drama expertly to create the year’s most entertaining, exceptional, action-packed film.

“Skyfall”, the FMR Major Award winner for Best Picture for 2012.

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Daniel Fogarty

86 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Picture Winner

  1. Great pick, Fogs. Thank you for not choosing something obvious (Lincoln), pedestrian (Avengers), or fleeting (Zero Dark Thirty). Skyfall is a great choice, and one that is going to be sorely overlooked in the upcoming awards season. As a fellow Bond fan myself, I know it seems biased to pick this as the best movie of the year, but objectively it really hard to argue against it. Lots of people who aren’t Bond fans thought this was a phenomenal movie.

    • Who are you, and what have you done with my friend Brik? 😮

      LOL 😀

      THANK You. Seriously… that’s right where I want to be and why. This movie is the epitome of the type of movie I’m looking for. Entertaining, yet not completely disposable. Definitely not something stuffy or artsy (although when great, those need to be recognized). Its the perfect representative of 2012 in terms of pop culture (Although “The Avengers” may wind up the years most “popular” film).

      I appreciate your approval here, Brik. Glad you see what I was thinking.

  2. It will be somewhere in my top 15 of the year which is pretty good ^^ I’m gonna do my next visual parallels post on this one, once I hopefully pass the exams by the end of this month 🙂

    • Top 15 huh? That high? 😉

      I look forward to that post! I’d wish you luck on your exams, but you dont need it. You’re smart enough to do anything you want so its really just a case of whether or not you’ve prioritized your study sufficiently. 😀 If you want to pass them you will.

    • Thank you Caz! I only got to it twice, but I was actually tempted to hit the third! 😀

      Couldnt do it though… before you knew it something else had come along and then I never got back.

      Definitely was a great one though! Thanks for your support!! 😀

      • It really was so pleased that with it being 50 years of Bond and after QoS which wasn’t the best. Daniel Craig really is incredible as Bond, not that I am being biased towards him or anything!

      • I know, right? On the 50th anniversary, they release one of the best films in the franchise. I thought that was incredible. Craig is doing a great Bond… I do wish they’d bring some of the fun back into his life though… this Bond is practically suicidal at times! Can Bond have a little fun again please? 😀

  3. Damn, I guess I underestimated how big of a Bond fan you are, Fogs. 😀 I shouldn’t be surprised but I had you pegged for something else. Will agree that this was a great movie though. A close second behind Casino Royale for my favorite Bond so far.

    • Yeah, I felt that way when I saw you chose the Master too. I was like, really? I didnt think E was that stuffy! LOL 😀

      You can have yours this year and I’ll take mine. How’s that? 😉 I’m a perfectly happy camper with that trade.

  4. Damn you Dan Fogarty and all the Bond enthusiasts that follow!! 😉 This is the big dog; the top banana; the holiest of the holy’s and you pick this? Beasts of the Southern Wild man! Have you lost your mind? LOL

    Sorry, I sometimes forget that I havent quite managed to manipulate every other movie goers opinion yet. LOL

    I respect your decision and I’m glad to hear that Bond will live on and make millions for generations to come but for me it was the minnows that should have taken this prestigious award! 😉

    • Bah.

      Would it help my case that I think you’re the first Anti-Skyfall dissenter to mention “Beasts”? That doesn’t speak well to me having botched this call. 😮

      I had Beasts third, on my podcast, where we actually rank our top tens. Behind Skyfall and The Impossible, but ahead of Avengers. It was great… but not “Better than Skyfall” great. 😀

  5. A great selection! Sad no Dark Knight Rises in there. The Impossible is the best film I’ve seen this year so far but Argo, Skyfall and Life of Pi all made my top 10 of 2012.

    • LOL

      I gave Dark Knight honorable mention 😉


      Yeah, sorry, not a big fan of that particular one. 😦 I AM a big fan of the Impossible though. on my podcast, where we ranked these, I had The Impossible at number two!

  6. You know it’s a good year when you can’t easily choose your #1 pick out of ten titles.

    For me it’s Lincoln or Beasts out of that pack; I haven’t seen ZDT yet for myself, so that could be another competitor for me, but as it stands those two pictures mesmerized me the most out of the lot. Of course, Moonrise Kingdom isn’t on here at all, or the choice would be way easier, but you work with what you get.

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  8. Top 10 films of 2012:

    1) Holy motors
    2) The master
    3) moonrise kingdom
    4) zero dark thirty
    5) amour
    7) the dark knight rises
    8) Prometheus
    9) tabu
    10) room 237

    • Unfortunately, I didnt get to see a good half of those. Either they were limited release or foreign…

      I have to tend to stick with the wide release megaplex offerings, that’s essentially my niche here.

      Although there’s a bunch of those there that I’m anxious to see, including Amour and Holy Motors.

      And of course Room 237. I’m a huge Shining fan. Can’t wait to finally see that!

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