Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy for Best Community Builder!

LammyThe Lammy parade rolls on, here at FMR, and this time, it’s an award I coveted very much… the 2013 Lammy for Best Community Builder.

The reason I hold this one in such high esteem is that it’s easy to invert the title slightly and come away with “Best Community”. It only stands to reason that the Best Community Builder would have built the Best Community, no?

And I think the commenting community here IS the best. Second to none. Week in and week out, people share their thoughts and feelings on movies here in impressive numbers. There is some really high quality movie discussion going on, whether it’s after a review about a particular film, or in a Tossin’ It Out There, about a variety of movie related subjects. I’ve gotten to know many of you through this, and it’s been a been an absolute pleasure talking movies with you all. I owe you all for this one, whether you voted or not.

This is an award I’m proud to share with everyone, I’m so grateful that you all choose to discuss movies here so regularly!! *sniff* 😥

Congratulations also go to Ruth at Flixchatter, who was runner-up, and to Jessica at The Velvet Cafe, Nick at The Cinematic Katzenjammer, and Tyson at Head in a Vice!

The presentation video (below) was done by Joel Burman, the Shepherd of the Lamb, so a big thanks to him, as well!!

50 thoughts on “Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy for Best Community Builder!

    • Soon, soon. $4.95 for general posts, and then $6.95 for an MTESS. Comment replies will be affordable though, just .99 apiece. I think it’ll work, but the price points may need a little tweaking… I’m new to it, so…


    • Amazing roll. Tough to get a handle on it… it’s been insane. 😮

      Thanks for the amazing contribution you’ve made here S, especially this category. You’ve been a big part of the gang here, its been awesome having your support.

  1. Glad to be part of the “community”. This is adding up to quite the award season for you. Everyone should be happy to share in this. What a difference from last year! Congrats, once again!

    • I know, right? Honestly, I think the 0 fer last year contributed to this year’s massive haul. 😯 People felt bad I got blanked, and made sure to throw some votes my way this time. It’s gotta be a factor.

      Of course, that’ll all even out in 2014 when people would rather get stabbed with a fork than throw a vote my way. LOL 😉

      Thank YOU though for being such an ardent supporter. I hoe you know it means a lot to me. 😀

  2. Yay! I was especially rooting for you on this one. I mean, I was rooting for you on all of them, but I feel like this one is definitely yours. Congrats!

    • LOL. There was a spike in the voting on this one, so I dont think you’re off base there Hunter. I’m amazed that I got 50 votes in this category! 😯 That’s almost 1/3 of all voters! Amazing…

      Anyways, thanks for your support here, it’s been great 😀

  3. I was hoping to bask in the glory of the Blogathon (The one Lammy that appears to have escaped you), but I am happy to take a little reflected glory here as a member of the community. I appreciate every conversation and almost every comment. You do a great job responding to people on your posts and I always appreciate when you come by and look at something I’ve put up. The idea of a community as a place where we can share and enjoy each others opinions in a friendly way, is exactly why I write and follow. Good Show Old Sport.

    • LOL. I saw your “acceptance speech” comment on the Lamb site, Richard. That was hillarious. Very nicely played sir. 😀

      I try to keep up with everything that people leave here, and I do try to circle out to what other people post (though I have to admit, my capacity in that regard is getting stretched a bit 😦 ) But its really great to hear that the idea of exchanging thoughts and opinions on movie, and the importance of that aspect of blogging is shining through. Glad to know that everyone picks up on that.

      And of course, you DO deserve a good portion of the credit, you’ve been an absolute stalwart here, buddy, there’s no doubt about it 😀 😀

  4. And the hits just keep coming! This one is very well deserved in my mind, because yours is the blog that has introduced me to the many others in the L.A.M.B.

    This one ekes out just a little farther as being very well deserved, not that that should degrade the reservedness of all the rest. Anyway, well done and keep doing what you do, clearly so well!

    • “ekes out” was not the right choice of word, but I’m sure you know what I mean. I was at a loss of what would be more accurate and still sound good.

      • LOL. I do, I got ya. You’re right, too, this particular aspect of my blog is something that I’m very proud of. It’s not easy to get a commenting community up and running, its not easy at all! And so, the fact that the commenting here is so healthy… it’s just great to see that get recognized, cause its something I take great pride in.

        No worries, buddy, I understand exactly where youre at, and I agree myself! 😀

        Thanks for the kind words, Dak, it means a lot to me. 😀

      • Thank YOU for being so active in the community you have built here. That is what makes the difference and keeps it building!

        Unrelated note, hoping you might show up for another TCHA (our little show, in case the acronym is confusing) sometime soon.

      • That sounds fun, scheduling will be the key. It wont be at least for a few weeks, my next few weekends are pretty tightly booked. But if you’ll work with me, we can work it out, yeah. 😀

    • You know? I think some of the others have really got their comment sections rocking too. Ruth gets enormous discussion going, as does Tyson. Jessica and Nick are super popular,too.

      I still think the FMR crew is the best of course 😉 but there are a lot of other good ones around, too.

      Thanks for your support and for the kind words, Kev. Very nice of you.

  5. Ah, winning best community builder, and immediately following up with another one of your classic community building posts. I see whatcha did there. 😉

  6. Congrats on all the accolades, Fogs. The Lammys like to keep the train rolling, don’t they? Maybe the Oscars should try this next year, announcing one award a day over the course of a a few weeks.

    • LOL. No, no. I actually think the Lammys should condense things!

      I understand where they’re coming from though, its a big event, I’m sure they get a lot more traffic around Lammy time 😀

      Meanwhile, thank you! I appreciate the congrats, I really do.

    • Thanks James, I appreciate it… still got one more left, and I’ll admit, I’m still pretty nervous about it, but at this point its been an incredible year no matter what.

      Thanks for the congratulatory wishes again, man, I know I’ve been putting people to the test here, LOL 🙄

  7. And the winner for 2013 Lammy Awards for most Awards goes to………………..wait for it……………………………….you’ll never guess…………..Fogs! LOL, congrats.

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