You’re Next


“You’re Next” is a fairly standard home invasion movie with a high body count.

When the Davison family and their significant others get together at their remote vacation house, they quickly fall into the same arguments that have always plagued them. The in-fighting is short lived, however, as someone mysteriously begins firing crossbow bolts in at them through the windows from the woods outside. After the initial volley has fatal consequences for a guest, the family scatters for safety. Unbeknownst to them, though, the attackers also have someone stationed inside the house.

What the attackers don’t know though, is that one of the guests is a trained survivalist. As the family gets hunted, so do the intruders. What ensues is a bloody collision of home invasion and home defense. The violent, masked intruders get more than they bargained for, even as the fatalities pile up for the family. Before long the question becomes will anyone survive at all?

Home invasion films are often less horror movies than they are exercises in violence, and “You’re Next” is no exception. What begins as the slaughter of an innocent family quickly turns in to a violent, grown up version of “Home Alone”. There’s not much value in the suspense, and not much horror involved, in spite of what the colorless animal masks of the intruders might lead you to believe. This movie is much closer to “Straw Dogs” than it is to “Halloween”, say. Which, in a certain regard was disappointing to me. The featured family is a group of completely unlikeable characters, and I was looking forward to watching them get massacred, to be honest with you. Not that they don’t get killed off, it’s just much less stalking/scaring than it is a militaristic exercise in eliminating targets, and that’s not as enjoyable a watch, in my book.

The end result is a still a relatively enjoyable horror film, albeit a fairly unremarkable one. There’s no shortages of bodies hitting the floor, unfortunately there’s not much of note aside from that.


27 thoughts on “You’re Next

  1. It’s a fun movie, and more of that then scary. However, I was fine with that because it continued to offer me something new or exciting to see show up next, and it just never let loose of me or my attention. Good review boss.

    • Yeah, it had that going for it, but I would have liked to have seen them get a little more creative in that context. They started with the clever home defense stuff, Gene, then kind of let it drop a bit 😦 They could have done more with it, IMO.

  2. After reading this, think I’ll pass on it. Something that will probably be a heck of a lot more fun seen at home, with a bunch of friends and BEER. Oh wait… BEER is my friends….

  3. Probably not one I’d choose to watch, but I’m at least glad to hear that there’s somebody halfway competent on defense for once. It’s mildly irritating how many people in horror movies have no idea how to handle themselves.

    • Yeah, there was a mix here of that. Some completely clueless lambs to the slaughter, and then the one “Rambo” chick. LOL. It was alright, I kind of wish they had gotten a little more out of the turning the table element than they did though…

      • There’s probably a decent spoof of horror movies to be made just by having the psycho killer(s) go up against somebody who is well and truly prepared (and not a nutjob themselves.)

  4. Too bad! I watched this over a year and a half ago at Fantastic Fest and LOVED it! Funny and inventive. Yes. It is not an original premise–(not much in that genre is) but the execution is well done.

    Later! 😀

  5. Been getting rave reviews in the horror community since debuting over 2 years ago. I can’t wait to see it. Pleased to see you didn’t hate it at least Fogs 🙂

    • I know, its reputation preceded it! Maybe that’s why I felt let down… not that I was psyched up for it or anything, but…

      Its worth checking out, Tyson, it’s just not the end all and be all, you know?

    • Thanks Chris. Yeah, it was ok, I think some people are getting carried away with it though. I was a little disappointed by the fact that it was kind of an average offering, after the things that I had heard. 😦

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