Now Showing on Cable: “Your Highness”

Making its long awaited debut this weekend on HBO was last year’s “Your Highness”, the medieval sword and sorcery stoner comedy starring Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman.

It’s the story of two princes. One is the golden glamour boy, constantly triumphing on quests and adventures and furthering the glory of the kingdom.

The other is Danny McBride.

“Your Highness” is a comedy set within the context of a fantasy film. So, while there are knights in shining armor, sword-play, magic spells, etc. they’re also dropping f-bombs, getting baked, and making sex jokes.

At the center of the infantilism is Danny McBride. As the “loser brother” to James Franco’s “favored son” character, McBride brings his patented obnoxious sensibilities to create a character who is oafish, dim witted, and yet somehow, still arrogant. Much like every other character he plays. He’s envious of all of the accolades his brother receives, yet does nothing to earn his own.

So when the opportunity arises for him to prove himself, by joining his brother on a quest to save his brother’s kidnapped bride from the evil wizard, will McBride rise to the occasion? Or just say $&%# it and get stoned?

Along the way on their quest, they run across Natalie Portman, who plays a warrior on a mission of her own. But the real question may be exactly what she’s doing in a movie like this.

The comedy here is crude and offensive. I would normally use the term “juvenile”, but I actually think that that’s being kind. “Infantile” may be more appropriate. Your enjoyment of the film will be directly correlated to how funny you find medieval knights dropping F-bombs, smoking weed, making sexual innuendos, etc.

Personally, I was unimpressed, and I actually usually like McBride. I’m a big fan of “Tropic Thunder”, “Eastbound and Down”, etc. so I was surprised how flat this was.

Lewd, crude and obnoxious, but not very funny.


26 thoughts on “Now Showing on Cable: “Your Highness”

    • I have, yeah. I thought that flick was great. Especially being an ex martial arts instructor… It was like totally sad but true in so many ways.

      I presume you have? Did you like it?

      He CAN be very funny. Last season of Eastbound and Down was a riot… just… not here.

      • The Foot Fist way was my introduction to McBride. I love that movie. I also thought he was the best part of Pineapple Express. I haven’t seen Eastbound but it’s on my list.

  1. What a piece of excrement. Truly a grating experience on my whole being. Nothing of value here, move along please haha πŸ˜€

  2. I started watching this Friday night but fell asleep 20-30 minutes in. Needless to say, I haven’t been inclined to finish it.

  3. I was hoping this would channel The Princess Bride, just for the now. It was ok. Just a lot more cruder than it needed to be. Not something I want to watch again any time soon. Or ever.

  4. I had such high hopes when I heard this was being made and it just blew. It’s a shame considering who the talent they had in the film.

  5. [Along the way on their quest, they run across Natalie Portman, who plays a warrior on a mission of her own. But the real question may be exactly what she’s doing in a movie like this.]—I asked myself the same question.

    Glad you are a Tropic Thunder fan. as am I. But this one screams: “going full retard” to me.

    (before every1 gets mad at that comment, please know it is a reference to TROPIC THUNDER and not meant to be offensive in any way, shape, or form.)

    • I’m going to go with negative.

      She’s not on my personal “List of Babes that I drool over”, but I find it difficult to imagine that that milisecond would be worth it even in that regard.

      Sorry to discourage you. LOL

  6. Didn’t enjoy this movie at all! Such a big disappointment, really a waste of time. Amazing how much this must have costs…could have been spent on something a lot better.

  7. McBride seems to be the marmite of comedy at the moment. I love him (despite being totally typecast in everything for the last 5 years). Eastbound would be top of my list.

    Really enjoyed this film, caught it in the cinema and it was laughs all ’round, watched it with some mates later and it wans’t as funny. Didn’t know if it wanted to be an Austin Powers type spoof or not…

  8. So, I saw this today…

    This movie is totally aimed at the 13 year old me, who was frequently stoned out of his gourd.

    I’d like to believe that even the 13 year old stoned me would have hated this movie. He might not have. It certainly had some cool looking magic effects, and a couple of seriously hot babes, and enough infantile dick jokes for a very toasted 13 year old…

    So that’s my metaphysical quandary. It’s my fear that the me of 25 years ago might not only have liked this steaming pile of excrement, but might well have been quoting it for the next 25 years. Is it that much worse than, say “Wizards”, or “Up in Smoke” or “Kentucky Fried Movie”? I’d like to think that I’d have recognized how panderingly stupid this film is, but I cant really be sure. Does anyone know any 13 year old stoners? Can we ask them if they liked it? I hope not.

    • Missed this earlier. LOL

      Nice comment though.

      I’ve actually thought of that too. There may be no good answer… Tastes improve over time, yet nostalgia freezes our positive perceptions.

      Maybe if youre still hanging around with 13 yr old stoners you can ask them. HAA!!

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