Fast & Furious 6


So The Rock has to get the Fast and Furious gang together to help him stop this guy who’s stealing… I don’t know, something… but his crew is a bunch of high stakes drivers so The Rock needs Toretto and his crew to help, and Letty is back, but she’s with the bad guys now so they want to save her, and Dom has to like talk her out of it “We’re family” he tells her, but she doesn’t listen at first cause she has amnesia and there’s all kinds of car chases and one of them has a TANK involved and then another time they’re on a runway racing a plane, and Vin Diesel gives this guy a flying headbutt and then he and the Rock are fighting dudes together while Paul Walker and everyone are like racing around underneath the plane engines…

It was awesome. 😀

Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is trying to stop a string of high stakes robberies being perpetrated by a well-trained crew of street drivers. The crew is led by a man named Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), a former special ops soldier turned criminal mastermind. Shaw’s targets are components of a military device which can destroy the power grid of an entire region. In order to stop the thefts and prevent Shaw from being able to complete the device, Hobbs turns to Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). The incentive he offers the retired racer/thief? Information about his ex-girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who was presumed dead.

Dom reassembles his crew. O’Connor (Paul Walker), Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) Tej Parker (Ludacris), Han (Sung Kang) and Gisele (Gal Gadot). O’Connor has a child now with Dom’s sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), but the crew is a family, too. They can’t ignore the lead on Letty, and O’Connor won’t let Dom go after Letty alone. So, in exchange for the information on Letty and full pardons in the USA, Toretto and his crew agree to help Hobbs stop Shaw.

A high-octane, fist fight full, shoot ’em up stocked film ensues.

Whatever magic touch is required to make viewers suspend their critical functions and just go along for the ride, “Fast & Furious 6” has it in spades. There are multiple moments in this movie where you’ll catch yourself thinking “No &$#%ing wayyyy…”, and yet you’ll realize that you have an enormous smile on your face. People are constantly leaping from moving cars to safety with no repercussions. They race their cars at incredible speeds without crashing. There are fist fights and shoot outs and standoffs and double crosses. Vin Diesel talks in such a low register that you almost can’t even hear him, and The Rock is so jacked up he looks like you could pop him with a pin. Everything you could want in a “Fast & Furious” movie. It’s a ridiculous universe, where outrageous things are commonplace, and yet it’s all so fun and well paced that you just want to go along for the ride.

And what a ride it is. Director Justin Lin has the formula for success for this franchise down cold. The characters are given just enough time to play off each other – cracking wise and trading growls – before launching into a fast paced, fun, fantastic action sequence. Michelle Rodriquez and Gina Carano square off in a fight in a subway station. A street race. Scratch that, multiple street races. There’s a chase on a highway with a tank involved, and of course, the finale on the airport runway that’s so prominently featured in the trailer. Lin keeps the action coming, and it’s phenomenal. Ludicrous? Absolutely. Impossible? Ridiculous? You know it. But fans wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would I.

Full of perfectly absurd action sequences, larger than life characters, snappy dialogue and a disposable plot, “Fast & Furious 6” is “check your brain at the door” entertainment at its absolute finest.



NOTE: This movie also puts a post title teaser for “Fast & Furious 7” that absolutely has me chomping at the bit to see the next one already. I’m so glad it’s scheduled for 2014 and we don’t have to wait long for it! (although it is sad that Justin Lin wont be at the helm due to the quick turnaround time 😦 )

Daniel Fogarty

44 thoughts on “Fast & Furious 6

  1. I am thrilled your thrilled with the fizz of the film. Some films are supposed to be the roller coaster ride. Sometimes I don’t want to think and analyze. Give me the rush. It seems like a perfect thing to do if you can’t get to Six Flags over Memorial Day Weekend.
    Excellent review!

    • LOL. Yeah, it was pretty fizzy alright. Definitely a roller coaster/laugh with it not at it type movie. I had a blast watching it. Hope you do too if you check it out, Cindy!

      Hope you have a good Memorial Day too!

  2. TRUTH. Yes!! My sentiments exactly!! I had a rip roaring good time and am ready for the next adventure.

    I’ve always said that their formula for success is that they NEVER take themselves seriously–Lin knows this is a fantasy and plays he hell out of it.
    Super fun–I dare say this is summer movie greatness!
    Later!! 😀

    • Yeah, no doubt about it. I enjoyed myself more here than at any other summer movie this year!

      I’m already sad Lin wont be back for #7. He has the recipe perfected, seriously, he’s got the magic touch. I hope somehow these continue to be as fun without him, but… I have to admit Im a little worried they wont. 😦

      Later Nedi!

      • That maybe true. Unfortunately. 😦

        I heard he is staying on a executive producer, so hopefully he can steer it in the right direction. James Wan is next up and he did pretty good job with Insidious (Saw movies)–different genre but his basics are there–hope he can do action! Fingers crossed.


  3. I never had a high opinion on the “Fast and Furious” franchise but the last film was a big surprise for me. I thought it was pretty good and to see that they’ve embraced a sense of silliness and be able to make it more about the ensemble rather than just Vin Diesel and Paul Walker has me kind of wanting me to see this. Plus, it has… THE JABRONI-BEATING, LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-PIE EATIN’, TRAIL-BLAZIN’, SHIT-KICKING BRAHMA BULL, THE GREAT ONE, THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL OF ENTERTAINMENT, THE ROCK!!!!

    And if you’re a wrestling fan like I am, you noticed that I’m not calling him the People’s Champ because he’s not that anymore. That honor goes to CM Punk.

    • They definitely have embraced the silliness. They have the perfect tone here. It’s not exactly “Camp” but it comes close. Definitely tongue in cheek. 😉

      They’ve also gave The Rock a higher profile and scaled back Paul Walker’s role. If I were him, I’d be worried. The Rock and Diesel were much more the dynamic duo this time… he seemed a little left out in the cold. 😮

      Sorry, no, though, I dont watch wrestling. 😦

  4. I was sold on this series again after FF5. 2 was awful, 3 was stupid but fun, and then 4 & 5 saved the day. I’m so hanging to turn this up on the home cinema and let it rock out!! Nice review, Fogs. Didn’t read too much so I don’t spoil too much, but your first paragraph sold it for me instantly. I’m in.

    • I understand…

      I agree, 4&5 have been a noticeable uptick. That continues here, too, this one is even better than either of those as far as Im concerned. It will meet your ROCK OUT requirements, Im sure! 😀

  5. The Fast and the Furious was one of the greatest and most fun films I ever saw in the first few years after I graduated from college. I have a lot of fond memories going to the theater with my coworkers and peeling out of the parking lot after. It got the adrenaline running like no other. One of these days I got to do a marathon of the rest of the series. I did see 2, and I agree it was terrible. But the buzz on the following films have been terrific.

    • Santo, but I’ll tell you, 5 & 6 may even be better. They just say “bah, &$%* it” to any logic or fear of “going over the top” and create these ridiculously fun movies… I’m telling you, if you liked #1, you should love 4, 5 & 6 😀

    • Yeah, prior installments aren’t quite as awesome, but 5 & 6 are great. Theyre silly as hell, but just so fun. I dont think any of them are bad, per se, theyre all entertaining,,, but these last three (I’d even throw #4 into the mix) have been great. All the Justin LIn ones (though Tokyo Drift doesnt have the main characters 😦 )

  6. Yeah, I agree with you, this movie is more better and better (in a fun way) than its predecessor. But, do you like the scene when one of Shaw’s Henchmen, Jah, beating Roman and Han easily? I think he deserved more screen time in this flick, anyway, still a fun ride to watch this franchise.

    PS; Sorry for my bad english 😛

  7. I wasn’t a fan of the franchise at all but this film was a blast. Its going to be hard for them to top this one especially if Justin Lin won’t direct. I too can’t wait for the next one especially since we know the next villain is.

    • I know, right? That was a hell of a teaser! I hope his involvement will offset Lin’s loss a little bit, but… thats gonna be tough to do.

      Great to hear that this movie can bridge the gap to reach someone who isnt a fan of the franchise Issy!

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    • Why am I crazy? It opened to a $100 mil… the people side with me, PG. 😉

      For what it sets out to do, it succeeds perfectly, and entertains highly. One of my favorites of 2013 at this point.

      • Gonna have to disagree on it succeeding perfectly.

        Also, how many bad movies open to $100 million? The people are clueless sheep. Breaking Dawn Part Two opened to $340 million for example.

      • Sorry for you that you think people are “Clueless Sheep”.

        Meanwhile, “Fast 6” opened larger than its predecessor (as a 6th installment!), 4th largest Memorial day opening ever, second largest opening this year. Actually fared decently with critics (surprisingly, considering the type of movie it is) with 70% Rotten Tomatoes score. It got an A CinemaScore and an A+ from audiences under 25.

        Although apparently not from the under 25 contingent that fancies themselves cranky old critics already 😉

      • These movies making money isn’t really a surprise, and the cinemascore makes sense because the audiences who go to these movies get exactly what they want. Personally I find cinemascore’s one of the least accurate ways to measure a film’s quality because it is more reflective of the audiences seeing it than the film itself.

        I understand why people like these movies, but I just can’t get behind this series when in this day and age much more intelligent, engaging, and well-written action films are made.

  9. Question: Who’s directing the seventh one?! This franchise has been great with Lin… Darn 😦

    What a movie!! My favourite of the franchise for sure. Great review, Fogs.

    “The Rock is so jacked up he looks like you could pop him with a pin.” LOL. Looks like he hasn’t lost all that muscle he had to gain for Pain & Gain! 😀

  10. That ending was AWESOME! My boyfriend was talking about it for like 2 hours after the movie ended. haha! As much as I think James Wan is taking the 7th as his big break out of horror movie genre (which has me a little worried) but I just hope it all works out. He’s gotta channel some Justin Lin magic 😉
    This was definitely so much fun! Loved how it went way over the top and pulled everything that could be done into this! This movie season has been pretty good. The second one to hit exactly what I expected (and more) 🙂

    • I still think the year as a whole has been kind of weak, but the Summer’s off to an ok start now that we have this. 😉 I thought this flick was awesome (obviously). The end WAS great, no doubt.

      I wish Lin was staying, he’s got the formula here down to a T. His movies have been great, 4 5 & 6 have all been super fun. We’ll see next year, I guess. At least that’s one good thing, we’ll have another one in 2014! 😀

    • I dont THINK it really matters, but I would recommend Fast Five just as enthusiastically, that’s a really fun movie too (I think 6 is better, though)

      4, 5, & 6 are all really great, really fun movies. If you havent seen them, check them out! 😀

  11. Also am giving this a perfect score. Saw it yesterday and it was so crazy and engaging that I just was smiling and talking out loudly (which I never do) several time because of the awesomeness 🙂 And that final scene in Tokyo? Like you looking forward to the next part…just knowing that he’s now also added to the roster is very cool.

    • 😀 Great to hear! Glad to finally come across someone who shares my enthusiasm here! I thought this movie was incredibly entertaining, just no ifs ands or buts about it! 😀

      I know, I cant wait for the next one now either… sucks the series is losing Justin Lin though. 😦

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