For Your Consideration: Best Community Builder

Normally on Fridays, I like to run my “Follow Fridays” series, where I recommend another movie blog and try to briefly explain why they’re worth checking out. It’s one of the ways that I try to connect everyone, and also a way to try to support other blogger’s efforts.

So I thought today would be a good day to launch my Lammy campaigning, and lead with the category “Best Community Builder / Networking Lamb”. It kind of ties in neatly to what I’d be doing today anyways.

I think everyone here knows that here at FMR we have a great movie discussion/commenting community, but you might not all be familiar with all of the other candidates. This post will give me an opportunity to highlight the other nominees, which will be good for our Non-Lammie readers and help our eligible voter friends have a look at the category and make an informed decision…

For FMR, of course! 😀 Read on!

Deny Everything 

Deny Everything is the blog of one Joel Burman, the reigning Shepherd of the Large Association of Movie Blogs. That’s pretty intimidating in and of itself – kind of like going up for a work award versus the President of the company. But you have to factor in that Joel has energized and invigorated the Lamb Community in a remarkable way. He got in, got active, and before you know it, he had an entire parade of Lammies marching behind him (myself included) singing the Lamb’s praises. He’s done an outstanding job, and practically embodies the spirit of this award.

Anomalous Material

Anomalous Material is the blog of Castor Troy (aided by a number of contributors). I’m certain that you all know who HE is. Why? Because Castor “Cap” Troy makes the blogosphere rounds like no other. If you’re a blogger, or if you read movie blogs regularly, I can practically guarantee you’ve seen a comment or two from AM’s Editor-in-chief. Beyond that, Anomalous Material has a thriving commenting community of its own, where people regularly comment back and forth amongst each other, encouraged by Castor. Add in multiple film related fantasy leagues that are open to everyone, and Anomalous Materials is practically a doorway to meeting other movie fans on the net. 

Man, I Love Films

Dylan Fields is the founder of the LAMB. He also currently hosts the LAMB’s weekly podcast, the Lambcast, as I’m sure you’re all aware. He’s integrally involved in all things Lamb, and it could be argued that he HAS built the community – that all of this can be traced back to him. Over at Man I Love Films, he and co-founder Kai Parker have amassed an impressive stable of contributors that could probably qualify as a community in and of itself. Both of them are very active in the Lamb and make everyone immediately feel welcome.

Never Too Early Movie Predictions

Our buddy NTEMP heads up the welcoming committee for the LAMB… As such he makes sure that each and every newbie gets some comment love upon joining the lamb, spreads the word about them on Twitter, and makes himself available if they have questions or comments. He serves as sort of a concierge for new lambs if you will. As such, he pretty much literally helps build our community, one new Lammie at a time. Add in the fact that he’s very active in the LAMB forums, on twitter and in the comment sections of people’s blogs, and you can see why NTEMP is a serious contender here!

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

So why vote for me? Honestly? That’s a good question. LOL. As you can see, I’m basically up against the heavyweights of the Lamb.

This is a varied mix of nominees, each bring different attributes forward for consideration. FMR draws a large and lively commenting community, but so do other nominees. I do a lot to encourage camaraderie over at the Lamb, but so do the others.

I think that at the end of the day though, Fogs’ Movie Reviews provides the most well rounded mix of both. We have a thriving discussion community here that I try to foster, but I’m also very active in the LAMB in the forums, and on twitter, and by participating on the Lambcasts. I know a lot of Lammies, and always have a lot of fun interacting with everyone, which in turn promotes camaraderie, community, etc.

So, if you’re a Lammie, and you have a vote, check out the nominees and think it over, and if you’re not, hopefully this will give you a chance to better follow along as we go. Either way, there’s a week’s worth of these ahead (not that I’ll get them all done next week), so please, bear with me… I consider the Lammies to be quite an honor, and want to take my chance to make my case for everyone!

56 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Best Community Builder

  1. By virtue of the fact that you just promoted all of these other blogs, so everyone “can make an informed decision” proves the point at hand…you are a Community Builder. Well played! 🙂

    • Heh. Shhhhhhh…

      LOL. Well, there’s a point there… but I do intend to do this with all the categories. Its a way to promote my candidacy, plus a good excuse for content, plus a way to get all the regulars here involved and iinformed, so you guys can share the highs and lows of it with me, plus a way for me to “Savor the moment” if you will. 😀

      Going to still try to deliver all my regularly scheduled content too… may be tough.

  2. I blush when reading this… you certainly have understood the category and this post could almost be used as a intro/explanatory to it. I know some people seem to think I’m the top dog here but one must not forget that the LAMB is foremost a Blogging community and my personal blog have been slacking enormously as of late and I think that will hurt my chances.

    Overall in this category I don’t see any real frontrunner all candidates are really solid and I’m glad that so much has changed the last couple of months. I remember bringing up this award on a LAMBcast for the first time in august and it certainly didin’t have the posture to it then as it has now.

    Thanks for doing these in depth posts on your nominations. I hope you manage to get through all of them even though its eight of them… hahah

    • 😀

      Oh I will. I’ll plug away.

      I think this is a PRESTIGIOUS category. Are you kidding? People who dismiss it (*Ahem*, Best Community “Whatever”) miss the point! Or perhaps they dont place the value on comments, and feedback and exchange, etc that we do.

      And you’re welcome of course. This will be informative for people, to be sure, but they’re also definitely my attempt to lobby for votes myself!

  3. You can have this puny award, but don’t even be thinking that you’re funny enough to compete with GPS.

  4. Aww, good on you, Fogs, and indeed, a solid content idea. Helps when you’ve been nommed 8 times, no?

    Nice as it would be, I won’t be counting on MILF taking this award. Like you say, some heavyweights here. The only thing that might hurt you, Fogs, is this: you have an impressive army/community here, but are enough of them LAMBs? If there’s one aspect to this where I think we’ve got the rest of y’all beat, it’s on Facebook, where I try to maintain a pretty active community with all the games and whanot (though, again, there are a ton of non-LAMBs that make up that side of the community).

    That said, Vegas still has Joel as the favorite with 3:2 odds.

    • Shit. I did forget that, you do basically play games on Facebook everyday.

      Oh well… do you own FYC anyways. LOL

      I know, I’m pretty much going up against the old guard, too. I stopped by the Matinee to get his banner for an upcomming post in this series, and all the comments were from Lammies. LOL. I was looking down the list thinking, voter, voter, voter, voter…


      Oh well. Speaks well to me that I attract so many folks who aren’t “in the biz” so to speak. 😉 I choose to look at it that way

  5. All the people mentioned here are higher-ups,”board members” as it were of the Lamb. They’ve noticed your following and some I think have wondered why? Two reasons(at least) stand out. 1) You openly welcome all comments in a very personable way. It always impresses me when you remember someones been away for awhile no matter how many comments there have been that day. 2) Your response. It always seems to fit the commenter and makes their remark feel valued. If I were a “board member” this is exactly the kind of person I would want as an example of my “association”, namely the “Lamb”. Recognizing a good example is always a Golden Rule.

    • As you can see, the “Board Members” (perfect term) do seem to come around and appreciate my efforts, they’ve all popped in to play on this page today. 😉

      You’re definitely right about the commenting community drawing notice though, I think that’s why enough Lammy members stood up and took notice enough to throw noms my way! No doubt!

      • “commenting community” is what it’s all about. Ever written a piece and waited and waited but no comments? Must feel like shit! Never seems to happen here. Your “impressive army/community” responds. Has to be more than just fellow bloggers.

      • Fogs, you get many +1’s from me due to the sheer fact that you make it a MISSION to comment on just about EVERY post on here. You sincerely try to leave no comment “unresponded to” (even mine).

      • Against advice, too, I might bring to mind. LOL


        It’s something I take for granted that should be done, but you’d be surprised buddy how many bloggers dont…

    • LOL.

      There definitely is a little Blues Brothers at Chez Paul feel to us being Lammies. LOL Thornton Melon attending Grand Lakes.

      Thanks for illustrating that so perfectly with your comment. 🙂

  6. In all seriousness though Castor/Cap from AM was the first person to comment on our blog. I am not sure why he did because at the time it was somewhere below the level of pathetic. However, I was glad he did as it amazing at the time that anyone was willing to read our gibberish. 🙂

  7. Great post my friend. As an awards watcher, I love that we’ve all basically tried to position ourselves as the longshot in this category, afraid of that backlash against perceived front-runners, perhaps?

    • Ha! It would be awesome if someone was just like “Fuck this shit, this award is mine, bitches!” The false humility kills me. Or maybe it’s real – it still kills me.

    • Maybe, maybe.

      I think genuinely here I’m a longshot – because I have a feeling this award may be more geared to Lamb community building – as Dylan suggests…

      When I consider myself a front runner, I will fear no backlash. LOL. Trust me. 😀

    • I guess that the wide perspective would have me, Dylan and Castor as the true fore runners in the category but I still see enough LAMBs around here and NTEMP to know that its not a closed race. The oddball thing though is that twitter, facebook, Google+ (hopefully will be more prominent in next years LAMMYs) and the commentary fields on everyone’s blogs play into this award and thats what I like about it.

      May the best LAMB win (as long as its me, hahaahh)!

  8. I’m a Lamb, but not very active in the community.
    This post was extremely helpful and I appreciate you putting it out there. Maybe now that school’s over I’ll try to spread the love more! Thanks for giving me some direction, Fogs.

    • Well, cool Mario. Check back in these next few weeks and I’ll be breaking down several – but not all – of the categories. Just the ones I got nominated in.

      I’ll pretty much be trying to lay out what I really see are the best attributes of all the contenders, but of course, I’ll be singing my own praises the most! 😉

      Ignore all the ball busting and banter – I really do hope this can help you make some choices that you feel comfortable with and hey, maybe even get your lammie connections going again! 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

    • It could be… we’ve yet to see.

      I’m not certain that that’s how the vote will shake out or not. But yeah, there’s already been some mild discussion of that on Twitter, so we’ll see how it goes.

      I’m more than happy with however this shakes out. This whole process has been a blast, I’m really having a ton of fun with it. 😀

      Thanks for the compliment too, BT 😀

    • Thats a fair suggestion, I’ll probably rephrase the category next year so it connects to an individual instead. However, when it comes to the networking part of Man I Love Films I’m fairly sure most people know that Dylan is the orchestrator for that.

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